Volunteers at a community pantry

Investing In The Communities We Serve

Not only is Central Valley Community Bank focused on our customers, but on investing in the areas we serve throughout the San Joaquin Valley. Through the donation of time, expertise and financial support, Central Valley Community Bank donates to a wide variety of local charities, philanthropies and business organizations – from educational causes to disease research, the arts to the under privileged.

It is our belief that to have a thriving business, you must first take care of the communities you serve. That is a commitment you can count on to remain unchanged from Central Valley Community Bank for years to come.

Central Valley Community Bank not only invests in the financial sense, but with a team of local banking professionals who have a deep understanding of the marketplace, its unique needs and the people that make up the entire San Joaquin Valley. We are grateful for the many relationships developed over our 40-year history and we remain committed to giving both financially and with the talents and energy of our team to worthwhile organizations that help strengthen our region.

We are happy to review any written requests from 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations in the markets that we serve. We attempt to give to organizations that can help meet the greatest needs in our community each year. Central Valley Community Bank prefers to give contributions to operating and project requests, and less to capital campaigns. Contact Le-Ann Ruiz, Central Valley Community Bank, 7100 North Financial Drive, Suite 101, Fresno, CA 93720 or Download an application (PDF 201KB) and email to LeAnn.Ruiz@cvcb.com.


Financial Literacy Training

Are you thinking about hosting a in-person or virtual workshop? Do you need assistance to provide financial literacy training? Our team of bank professionals are available to assist you with your training needs. Contact Denise Jereb, Central Valley Community Bank at (559) 323-3395 or send an email to Denise.Jereb@cvcb.com for more information.