Volunteers at a community pantry

Investing In Communities

Since opening in 1980, it has been our mission at Community West Bank to exceed expectations by providing exceptional service. This takes on many forms, including investing in our communities to ensure that they thrive.

Our team of local banking professionals has a deep understanding of the people and needs of our communities covering Greater Sacramento to the north, throughout the San Joaquin Valley and west to the Coast. By taking a focused and strategic approach to impacting our communities through grants, scholarships, employee volunteerism, financial literacy training and more, Community West Bank annually supports a variety of nonprofit, civic and trade organizations. This support helps meet a wide range of needs within our communities, from financial education to food and housing security, from healthcare to regional revitalization and so much more.

We are grateful for the many relationships developed throughout our history and we remain committed to giving – in the financial sense as well as in the talents and energy of our team.

A Philosophy of Partnership

At Community West Bank, we believe that being a successful business comes with the responsibility of strengthening the communities you are privileged to serve.

We believe in supporting nonprofits that foster economic vitality in low- to moderate-income communities, equitable access to educational resources and an enriched quality of life for our most vulnerable populations.

We believe in being a collaborative community partner through focused leadership, volunteerism, giving and financial education.
Driven daily by this philosophy, Community West Bank is committed to giving within the following focus areas:
We fund activities and programs that seek to meet the basic needs of our most vulnerable populations, and thus improve the economic well-being and quality of life in our communities. These activities and programs include those that:
  • Reduce food insecurity and fight hunger
  • Strengthen communities through economic development, job training and small business development
  • Support affordable housing, homebuyer education and homeowner retention
  • Provide pathways to stable housing and affordable home ownership for low- to moderate-income individuals
We believe education is foundational for prosperity and opportunity, and fund a variety of youth and educational support including:
  • Financial literacy training*
  • Community arts and cultural institutions
  • Youth employment 
  • Alternative pathways for adults
  • Breaking barriers to employment 
*For assistance in providing an in-person or virtual financial literacy workshop with an experienced Community West Bank banking professional, please contact Denise Jereb at (559) 323-3395 or Denise.Jereb@cvcb.com. 
We partner with local organizations that address the economic and social conditions that affect individuals’ health, access to community-based health services and other poverty-related issues. These organizations include those that provide:
  • Access to healthcare and food
  • Programs that prevent or end homelessness (emergency shelter, etc.)

How Can We Help Your Organization? Apply Here:
We are honored to review written requests from qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations in the San Joaquin Valley and Greater Sacramento area, as well as civic and trade organizations working to meet the greatest needs in the communities we call home. Our preference is to provide support outside of capital campaigns.

To submit a request, please complete the Donation Request Application in its entirety, providing all requested documentation prior to submitting. If support is requested for a scheduled event, submission should be received at least 30 days prior to the event.