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Financial Health Club


Keeping You & Your Business Healthy

Central Valley Community Bank understands just how complicated it can be to keep your finances fit & healthy. The Financial Health Club is an online resource center where you can easily find the personal and business tips you need to keep your finances running safe, strong and smoothly. Subjects are updated regularly, so check back for new topics and information.

Business Financing

Business financing is an important step in allowing your business to grow, survive and succeed. Below are helpful tools to get you on the road to success:

Business & Cash Flow Management

Start planning for next year by evaluating this year’s performance, analyze the competition, and project sales for the year.

Business Fraud Protection & Safety

Cybercriminals are setting their sights on small to mid-size businesses. Safeguarding sensitive data in your files and on your computers is just plain good for business. If information falls in the wrong hands, it can lead to fraud or identity theft. A sound data security plan is built on five key principals:

  • Take stock. Know what personal information you have in your files and on your computers.
  • Scale down. Keep only what you need for your business.
  • Lock it. Protect the information in your care.
  • Pitch it. Properly dispose of what you no longer need.
  • Plan ahead. Create a plan to respond to security incidents.
  • Watch the full video here.

Your business can’t afford to have its information get into the wrong hands. Check out the newest trends and techniques to protect your business from fraudulent attacks.

Personal Financing

Personal financing is crucial to keeping yourself within your budget, while allowing you to accomplish all of your financial goals. Below are helpful tools to get you started:

How to Establish, Boost & Check Your Credit Score

In the world of personal finance, having a strong credit history is important for success. The resources below will provide you with valuable information for establishing, boosting or checking your credit score:

Fraud Education & Identity Protection Tips

Preventing cybercriminals from accessing your personal information is the first step in protecting your identity. Check out these helpful tips for how to protect yourself from fraud:

Lock & Alert Service Now Available from Equifax

Equifax has launched a new service that provides consumers the ability to lock and unlock their Equifax Credit Report, for free, for life! For more information on this service, please visit Equifax.

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