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Cash Management Services

Business Online Banking Made Easy

With our Cash Management services, business customers are able to manage accounts and cash flow online, anywhere, anytime! Our Cash Management specialists can custom-tailor a program of services that meet your business needs today, and can provide support and consultation as your business grows. 

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Cash Management Services:

Customize your Business Online Banking by adding Cash Management Services: 

  • Manage Payroll and direct deposit
  • Create ACH Originations
  • Request domestic and international wire transfers
  • Move funds from multiple sites into a single account
  • Utilize Lockbox services to receive and process high volumes of check payments
  • Scan and deposit checks online 24/7 with Remote Deposit
  • Protect against check and ACH fraud with Positive Pay
  • Enjoy enhanced security features for added protection

ACH credit and debit origination is an efficient alternative to paper checks, utilizing electronic transfer of funds between financial institutions to pay to or collect from consumers or other businesses. 

Direct Deposit of payroll provides many benefits to your business including reduced costs and increased efficiency. There are fewer checks to print and store, lost and stolen checks are eliminated, potential for errors is reduced since Direct Deposit requires less manual handling of checks, and fraud is reduced because there is less potential for counterfeit checks. Employees enjoy the convenience of receiving their paycheck without having to make a trip to the bank, which is an extra benefit when they are on vacation, sick or out of town on business.

State Tax Information

Board of Equalization EFT Agreement (PDF 102KB)

Use this form to register for participation in the EFT program, change the bank account you use for EFT transactions, change your EFT payment method or change your contact information.

Franchise Tax Board EFT Agreement (PDF 226KB)

Use this form to register for participation in the EFT program, change the bank account you use for EFT transactions, change your EFT payment method or change your contact information.

Federal Tax Information

Please contact (800) 605-9876

Domestic and international wire transfers may be initiated online.

Wire transfers are used to securely move funds from one financial institution to another with the recipient typically receiving the credit the same day as long as the transfer request was placed before a specified cut-off time. Business Online Banking enables you to submit requests for both domestic and international wires from your desktop. Wire requests submitted online are discounted by $10 from the standard outgoing wire fee.

Central Valley Community Bank is pleased to offer Remote Deposit to our Business Banking customers. Remote Deposit is a check processing tool that allows you to deposit checks electronically without having to bring them to a physical branch for deposit. Utilizing a desktop scanner, provided by the Bank, you can scan checks received from customers and issue deposits electronically to the bank, anytime day or night. It is the most convenient way to turn check deposits into cash!


With Remote Deposit, you get the following benefits:

  • Online speed and convenience
  • Scan and submit checks for deposit 24/7
  • Less time preparing deposits
  • Consolidation of funds from remote locations
  • Reduced risk of check fraud
  • Reduced courier fees and trips to the bank!

How does Remote Deposit work?

  1. Receive a check from your customer
  2. Scan the check at your office using a scanner provided by Central Valley Community Bank
  3. The check image is captured and processed electronically
  4. Your deposit is electronically made and available in your designated Central Valley Community Bank account the next business day!

What do you need in order to access Remote Deposit?

  • A PC with a Bank supported operating system and web browser, and an open USB 2.0 port
  • A supported desktop check scanner (provided by the Bank)
  • A high-speed Internet connection
  • A business account established at Central Valley Community Bank

Positive Pay from Central Valley Community Bank is a powerful tool in helping to protect against check fraud. The basics of Positive Pay are simple – when you issue a batch of checks through your accounting program, the specifics of those checks are recorded and exported from your accounting program and imported to the Positive Pay system.

As these checks are deposited or cashed, the bank compares the details of the check to the details you provided when the check was issued. If differences or discrepancies are found, the check is flagged and placed in the Positive Pay exceptions list for you to review. You can then determine whether the check should be paid or rejected, based on your review.

The ACH Positive Pay functionality allows you to set up rules to both pre-authorize specific ACH transactions and to monitor for ACH transactions that match specific guidelines. The system will then flag ACH transactions that fall outside of these rules. 

 Positive Pay Interactive Demo

Fees may apply. Must sign-up.