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Welcome to Community West Bank.

You deserve a relationship with a bank that offers responsive service, expertise and a wide range of products and services. Switching accounts may seem overwhelming, but our SwitchKit guides you through the process.

Follow these easy steps below and download our SwitchKit for helpful forms:

  1. Set Up Your Account - Provide the basic information for your new account. There are a variety of checking and savings plans available, so bring this information to a banking specialist and we will help tailor the account to meet your specific needs. 

  2. Change Your Direct Deposit - Transfer direct deposits from your old checking and savings account to your new Community West Bank account by completing the “Change Direct Deposit” form. Take or mail the completed form to:

    • Your employer’s human resources department

    • Companies handling retirement or pension payments

    • Brokerage companies (interest, dividends)

    • Contact the Social Security Administration directly for instructions to change SSI payments to your Community West Bank account at 800-772-1213 or go to www.ssa.gov. 

  3. Change Automatic Withdrawals - To change automatic withdrawals to your new account, make copies of the “Change Automatic Withdrawal” form and send to each company that withdraws from your account. This may include:

    • Utilities

    • Insurance

    • Loans/Mortgage

    • Internet/Phone Service

    Within a few weeks, contact each company and confirm that they received and processed your request. 

  4. Close Old Accounts - Previous accounts should be left open and with enough money for outstanding checks and automatic withdrawals to clear. This may take several weeks. Once you know the old account is inactive, send the “Close Account” form to your former bank and request the balance from that account, then destroy old checks, ATM/debit cards and deposit slips. 

Questions? Call one of our Banking Specialists at (800) 298-1775 or stop by one of our convenient locations and we will be happy to help.