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Visa Account Updater Service

What is Visa Account Updater Service (VAU)?

The Visa® Account Updater Service (VAU) is a service that is offered by Visa that provides a seamless transition when your Community West Bank Debit card expires or is replaced. This service will automatically update the card number and/or expiration date on file if you have recurring payments set up. Any of your merchants that participate in this program will automatically receive your updated Debit card information.

Example: If you have a subscription service such as Netflix, that you have allowed to debit your account on a recurring basis, they would automatically be notified when your card auto renews/expires and be given the most up to date information eliminating the potential for interruption of your service due to outdated information.

What are the benefits of Visa Account Updater Service?

The Visa Account Updater Service allows you to skip the time and hassle of resubmitting your payment information if your card expires, is lost or stolen or reissued. It allows for uninterrupted service from merchants who are participating in this service.

How do I enroll in this service?

There is nothing that you need to do to enroll in this service - it's automatic! As of October 1, 2017, you were automatically enrolled in the Visa Account Updater Service. 

Can I Opt-Out Of Visa Account Updater Service (VAU)?

If you wish to discontinue or opt out of the Visa Account Updater Service (VAU) you can complete the form below and return by mail, email or visit your local branch. 

Debit Card Opt-Out Form (PDF 114KB)

How to submit your completed form(s):

Please Note: Not all merchants participate in automatic updates. Updates are not guaranteed before the next billing cycle.