Re-presented Items Notice

Procedures are in effect that may impact you. 

When an item drafted by you (such as a check or preauthorized debit) is presented for payment and it exceeds the amount of funds available in your account, that item may be returned to the sending bank or merchant and may be subject to a Non-Sufficient Funds Fee also known as NSF.

Please be aware that the item may be re-presented to us multiple times for payment resulting in recurring NSF fees. There is no limit
to the number of times the item can be re-presented in an effort to be paid. It is not our intent to charge you multiple times when the
item is re-presented for payment; however, we are unable to differentiate whether an item is a first time presentment or a re-presentment.

Please review your account statement and if our system charged you an NSF fee after the item was first presented, notify Customer Service at (559) 298-1775 or your local banking center and we will reverse the NSF fee.


Check – A written, dated, and signed instrument that contains an unconditional order directing a bank to pay a definite sum of money to a payee. A check can also include an electronic check conversion transaction where a check or similar item is converted into an electronic fund transfer as defined in the Electronic Fund Transfer regulation. In these types of transactions, the check or similar item is either removed from circulation (truncated) or given back to you and the converted item is routed for payment.

Non-Sufficient Funds – Non-Sufficient Funds results when there is not enough money in your account to pay the item and the item is rejected and requested payment is returned.

Overdraft – An overdraft occurs when there is not enough money in your account to pay for a transaction, but we pay (or cover) the transaction anyway.

Payee – A payee is the party that the check is paid to or should be paid to.

Payment types – Ways to access the funds in your account which include debit card transactions, automated clearing house (ACH) transactions and check transactions.

Pre-authorized Debit – An arrangement made by you to request payment from your account.

Pre-authorized Payments – An arrangement made by you to pay recurring bills from your checking, savings, or money market account(s).

Re-presentment – A service offered by banks to resubmit a bounced check to the check writer's account until funds are available.

Sending Bank – The branch of a bank, maintaining an account of and to which payment instruction from you for transfer of funds to a third party.