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External Transfers

Have more control over your money with External Transfers!

 With External Transfers, you can transfer funds from your checking, savings and money market accounts at Community West Bank to your accounts at other financial institutions.

Features of External Transfers:

  • Transfer funds between other U.S. based financial institutions that you have accounts with*
  • Multiple transfer options (one-time, future-dated and recurring transfers)
  • Transfers are completed in as little one business day
  • Accessible through Personal Online Banking and the Mobile Banking App

Frequently Asked Questions

External transfers allow you to transfer funds between your accounts at Community West Bank and your account at other financial institutions.

Funds can be transferred from a Community West Bank checking, savings or money market account into another institution’s checking, savings or brokerage account (limited).

Funds can be transferred from another institution's checking, savings or brokerage account (limited) into a Community West Bank, savings, money market or loan account.

No, External Transfers are available within Personal Online Banking, but you will need to follow the set up instructions outlined below.

Online Banking: Login and under the "Transfers" tab. If you have already linked and added an external account you can use the 'Transfer funds' page to make a transfer.

Navigate to the 'Transfers' tab on the Online Banking site. All external accounts will need to be added and verified individually before they are available for use.

Adding an External Account:

  1. Under the 'Transfers' tab, click on 'Add External Account.'
  2. Follow the instructions provided to input the account number, account type, and routing number of the account you wish to add.
  3. Once the account information is entered, click on the 'Continue' button at the bottom of the page.
  4. The external account will need to be verified before it is available for transfers.
Two "micro" deposits will be generated and sent to your external account (typically within 5 business days). Micro deposits are random deposits in amounts less than $1. Once you have received these two micro deposits in your external account, make note of both amounts as you will need them to complete the verification process.

Verifying n External Account:

  1. Under the 'Transfers' tab, click on 'Verify External Account.'
  2. Please enter the two amounts of the micro deposits that were sent to the external account.
  3. Once entered, hit continue.
  4. If the verification was successful, you will receive a notification on the screen.
  5. If you receive an error message, please reach out to our Customer Service team for assistance.

Standard transfers are processed within 3 business days if submitted by 10:00 p.m. (PT)


Next day transfers are completed in 1 business day if submitted by 5:00 p.m. (PT). Note: Not all External Transfer accounts are eligible to perform next day transfers.

There is a $2,500 daily and $5,000 monthly limit for external transfers.
There is no fee for standard or next day transfers.
No. Funds can only be transferred to accounts within the U.S.

*Valid email address required.