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CVCB CardControl

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Powerful Protection for your Debit Cards

Safeguard your debit cards through your mobile device by receiving alerts and defining when, where and how your debit cards are used. With CVCB CardControl (formerly CardValet) you can safeguard your cards by turning them “off” if they’re misplaced or stolen and back “on” when you’re ready to use them. You have the ability to instantly change your settings, giving you more control!

With CardControl you can:
  • Establish transaction amount limits
  • Define the geographic area where the card can be used
  • Limit the type of merchant (gas stations, restaurants, etc.)
  • Set limits for spending – great for parents and employers
  • Receive alerts when anyone attempts to use the card outside of a set dollar limit



Take Control and Start Using CardControl Today!
  • To access CardControl, download the CVCB Mobile Banking App in the App store, if you don't already have it. 

    If you do not already have the CVCB Mobile App, download it here:

    Apple app icon Google play app
How do I access CardControl?

To access CardControl, download the CVCB Mobile Banking App in the App store, if you don't already have it. 

If you do not already have the CVCB Mobile App, download it here:

Apple app icon Google play app

Once you have accessed the CVCB Mobile App, select CardControl:

  • If you have not downloaded the CVCB CardControl app, you will be directed to the app store to download.
  • If you have already downloaded the CVCB CardControl app, when you click on CardControl in the Mobile Banking app, you will be auto-directed to CVCB CardControl.
  • If you try to access the CVCB CardControl app directly from your device, you will receive a message stating you must access CardControl from the Mobile Banking app.
Can the same card be added to multiple devices if shared with more than one person?

Yes, if you are a joint account owner, all cards will be pulled into the carousel. 

A region has been set on the map. Does this mean the card can only be used exactly in this region?

The region shows the approximate area where the card can be used. CardControl can typically map the transaction down to a zip code or city. If the city or zip code of the merchant overlaps with the selected region on the map, then the transaction can still go through. There are instances where a merchant location cannot be mapped down to a zip code or city, in which case CardControl would default to a state-level match.


What Merchant controls are available?

Merchant controls can be set for several types of merchants including:

  • Department Stores – general-purpose shopping

  • Entertainment – movie, theater, games

  • Gas Station

  • Groceries – discount stores and pharmacies

  • Household – home improvement stores

  • Personal Care

  • Restaurants – dine-in and fast food

  • Travel – airlines, trains, taxis, hotels and railroads

  • Other – all other merchant types


What type of Transaction Controls are available?

You can enable and/or restrict the following transaction types:

  • In store

  • eCommerce

  • Mail/Phone order

  • ATM

Will the controls I have set impact previously authorized recurring transactions?

Previously authorized recurrent payments will continue to process and will bypass the CardControl edit checks.


Can cardholders block all international transactions?

Yes, International transactions can be blocked using the "International" location control. Transactions will be limited to the United States. The rules setup by Community West Bank will always override the rules of CardControl.  


What types of Alerts can be set?

Alerts can be set for the following:

  • Location Alerts

  • Merchant Alerts

  • Transaction Alerts

  • Spend Alerts

  • Low Balance Alerts

NOTE: If the card is turned “off” you will receive alerts for all transactions.

Does the app show recent transaction history?

Yes, the app shows the last 50 card-based transactions posted within the last 30 days.

What types of transactions display in CardControl?

CardControl only shows the transactions that are performed with the card. It does not show the transactions that are done on the account but without using your card, such as teller transactions or bill pay on an account.

Will the balance be updated to include teller transactions?

The balance will be updated to reflect the teller transactions if the account processor supplies the updated balance. The balance is updated the next time the user logs into CardControl.

What information do I need to provide when setting up CardControl?

When setting up CardControl you will be asked to provide the following details for each card that you register. This information includes the card number, address, ZIP code, expiration date, and CVV/CVC code. Secondary authentication includes: security token sent in an email, last 4 digits of the social security number, or a PIN transaction amount performed in the past 72 hours.

What is the purpose of assigning a primary device? Can you make changes to the settings from the non-primary devices?

The primary device is used to track the GPS for "My Location" alerts and controls and all merchant and threshold alerts will be sent to the primary device. Controls (including the "On/Off" setting) are set at the card level, so the last update to a control will be honored regardless of which phone was used to make the change. Alerts are set at the device level, so each primary device will receive alerts that were set up from that particular device. The primary device can be re-set by accessing "Settings – Primary Device."

If a parent registers a card for a child, what stops that child from changing the controls placed on the card?

Each person who registers a card will have access to controls and alerts for the card. In many cases, the child will not have access to the CardControl App and settings, unless the parent shares the information.

Can multiple cards be linked to one registered CardControl account?

Yes; cardholders can register multiple cards within a single CardControl account. Additional cards can be added within the "Settings – Add Card" screen. All cards registered need to be with Community West Bank. If you have cards at different financial institutions, you must create a unique login for each Financial Institution.

How many cards can you register within a single CardControl application?

You can register up to 15 cards.

When cardholders receive a reissued or replacement card, will they have to update their cards within the application?

If the card number is new, then the user must "add" the new card number to the user's profile.

Why does CardControl not recognize my social security number?

If your card is linked to a joint account, please use the primary card holder's social security number to register your card. If you are registering a card linked to a business account, you will need to use your EIN number in in lieu of a social security number.

What exactly is the range of the "My Location?" controls, and will this control setting impact internet transactions?

The “My Location” controls and alerts will check to ensure the merchant location is within a five (5) mile radius of the device set as "primary" within CardControl. These controls impact "card present" transactions only, therefore internet transactions are not impacted.

If My Location is set but the primary device is off, will transactions get denied outside of the My Location area?

CardControl ignores location information that is more than one (1) hour old. So, if the phone is off for more than an hour My Location controls will not take effect, and the transaction will not be denied on the basis of the old location information.

What happens if My Location is set but the phone is left at home? Will transactions be denied outside of the My Location area?

CardControl performs a proximity check at the granularity of zip code or city, so if the merchant is close to home then the transactions will still go through. If the transaction is more than 5 miles away, it will be denied.

Can a user turn on My Location for a dependent's card? How will it work?

My location is only effective for the enrolled user. To limit the dependent's card, the user can use the Region feature to set usage preferences for where the card can be used. Set location preference to "Region" in the drop down menu, then "Add" a "New Region" to set the map to the area where the card may be used.