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Business Online Banking FAQ

Mobile Banking FAQ
How Do I Enroll in Business Mobile Banking?
Current Business Online Banking Customers can download the Community West Bank Mobile app from the App Store or the Google Play Store. On an iOS device, open the App Store, search for “Community West Bank” and select the “Community West Bank Mobile” app.

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Not a Community West Bank Customer?

If you are not a Community West Bank Business Banking customer, you must open a Business Checking or Savings account with Community West Bank. For more information about Community West Bank accounts, visit your nearest Community West Bank office or visit our Business Checking or Business Savings accounts page.

Business Mobile Banking FAQs
What are the system requirements for Mobile App use?
  • Android 5.Xx or later
  • Apple iOS 12 or later
  • Supported connectivity: 5G, 4G LTE, or Wi-Fi
  • Camera resolution of at least 5 megapixels
  • Mobile app functions best when GPS or location services are enabled.

What if I forget my username or password?

With your initial login, if you forget your username or password, please contact Customer Service at (800) 298-1775 and we will assist you. If you forget your username and/or password after your initial login you will be able to click the “Forgot Username?” or “Forgot Password?” links on the login page on www.cvcb.com and follow the prompts to retrieve your username and/or password.

How current is the account and transaction information?

You will not be able to see any pending transactions. You will be able to see the current available balance and the most recently posted transactions.

Is there a monthly fee for Business Mobile Banking?

No. Community West Bank offers Business Mobile Banking free of charge for all Business Online Banking customers. Message and data rates may apply; check your plan for details.

Can I pay my bills with Business Mobile Banking?

Yes. You are able to pay bills through the Business Online Banking system through your PC and Mobile device.

Does Mobile Banking offer mobile deposit?

Yes, mobile deposit is available when you download our new Community West Bank Mobile App. To access mobile deposit you will need to log in to the Community West Bank Mobile app, select “Deposit a Check” from the home page and follow the steps to submit a check.

What if I already have the Community West Bank Mobile Banking App?

If you previously had the Community West Bank Business App on your device, you will need to delete it and download the new Community West Bank Mobile App.

Does Community West Bank offer text banking?

Yes, you can use text banking to send SMS messages from your mobile phone or other supported devices to get account information or to perform transfers.

How do I enroll in Text Banking?

To enroll in text banking, click “Settings” in the navigation menu then select “Text Enrollment.” Click “On” and in the SMS Text Number field enter the phone number that you want to enable for text banking. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and view the Privacy Policy. Follow the steps under “Visit Preferences” to configure text banking.

How do I use text banking?

After you have enrolled in text banking, you can begin using it by sending a text message to 226563 (BANKME) with one of the following commands:

  • BAL: Displays the current account balance for all enabled accounts BAL account nickname: Displays the current account balance for the account that you specify.
  • HIST account nickname: Displays the recent history for the account that you specify.
  • XFER account nickname1 account nickname2 amount: Transfers the amount that you specify from one account to another.
  • LIST: Displays a list of all available text banking commands.
  • HELP: Displays a list of contact points for information about text banking. This may include the website address, phone number or other information.
  • STOP: Disable text banking. You can also use the settings in Online and Mobile Banking to enable and disable text banking.