Other Personal Services

(24 - Hour Phone Banking)
Direct DepositCommunity Credit Line
(Overdraft Protection)
More Personal Convenience Products
Designed For:  24 - hour access to account information

Perform various bank transactions at your convenience

Immediate access to your money with safety and convenience Instant borrowing power at any time, for any reason

Overdraft protection

Personal ATM Card

Get convenient access to ATM's worldwide

Cost: No Fee No Fee

Application required

Fees may apply

Personal Debit Card

For customers who want to make purchases or obtain cash without writing a check.

Options/Benefits: Accessible anywhere in the U.S. using the toll free number (866) 455-6638 or (559) 297-6638

Access your checking, savings, CD or IRA account

Transfer funds between checking and savings accounts

Change your ATM/Debit Card PIN

Secure and reliable

Have paychecks, Social Security checks, or any other recurring deposits directly deposited to either checking or savings accounts

Funds are available immediately

Secure and reliable

$500 to $35,000 limit

Automatic payment from linked checking account

Easy application process



Please Note: This information is accurate as of January 2016. Central Valley Community Bank
reserves the right to make changes at any time as a result of a change of policy, law, and
regulation or otherwise.

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