Remote Deposit

                                           Remote Deposit

Central Valley Community Bank is pleased to offer Remote Deposit to our Business Banking customers. Remote Deposit is a check processing tool that allows you to deposit checks electronically without having to bring them to a physical branch for deposit. Utilizing a desktop scanner, provided by the Bank, you can scan checks received from customers and issue deposits electronically to the bank, anytime day or night. It is the fastest way to turn check deposits into cash!

Cost: $150 Set-up Fee 
$100 Monthly/Analyzed (includes scanner)
Options/Benefits: With Remote Deposit, you get the following benefits:
  • Online speed and convenience
  • Scan and submit checks for deposit 24/7
  • Less time preparing deposits
  • Consolidation of funds from remote locations
  • Reduced risk of check fraud
  • Reduced courier fees and trips to the bank!
How does Remote Deposit work?
  1. Receive a check from your customer
  2. Scan the check at your office using a scanner provided by Central Valley Community Bank
  3. The check image is captured and processed electronically
  4. Your deposit is electronically made and available in your designated Central Valley Community Bank account!
What do you need in order to access Remote Deposit?
  • A PC with a Bank supported operating system and web browser, and an open USB 2.0 port
  • A supported desktop check scanner (provided by the Bank)
  • A high-speed Internet connection
  • A business account established at Central Valley Community Bank

Please Note: This information is accurate as of January 2016. Central Valley Community Bank reserves the right to make changes at any time as a result of a change of policy, law, and regulation or otherwise. 

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